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Since the academic year 2011-2012, the Université Libre de Bruxelles has a full-fledged Architecture Faculty, stemming from the fusion of two Brussels architecture schools, ISACF La Cambre and ISAI Victor Horta. The transition of architecture education into university has opened many possibilities such as interfaculty collaboration but first and foremost the development of research within newly established centres.

“Louise” for “Laboratory on Urbanism, Infrastructures and Ecologies" is a research centre dedicated to the study of contemporary challenges for city planning and territory. Urban planning is of course a focal point for Louise, but its preoccupations go well beyond this discipline to take on environmental, infrastructural, and social issues concerning cities and urban territories in the larger sense. Affiliated members are indeed convinced it is flows, networks, and infrastructures that make up the global framework from which urbanism’s contemporary territories are organised. The activity within Louise therefore rests upon a series of initiatives of which the fundaments had already been laid out within the pre-existing institutions. 

As such the activity of Louise takes shape first and foremost through research made in the context of the realisation of doctoral theses. To this day, five doctoral theses are being written.

Next to this basic activity of pure research, Louise also wishes to actively participate in ongoing debates on the development of the Brussels-Capital Region. Louise already co-organises the regional initiative ]pyblik[ dedicated to the training of skills in the creation of public space. The decision to co-organise the second international Brussels Master Class RE:WORK, funded by the Brussels-Capital Region, fits the same purpose.

In the long run, next to these research and publication activities, Louise aims at partnering with other institutional actors to create an international master of urbanism oriented towards research by design on Brussels’ territory.

More details about the centre's activities you can find by accessing the following links. They are related to the centre’s main research axis.


Metropolitain mobility


Water management


Cultural and Social network

Urban storm water management – catalyst to moving towards a Water Sensitive City

  • Catalina Codruta Dobre
  • Luisa Moretto
From a water sensitive perspective, storm water establishes a link between water and urbanity. Storm water is seen as an alternative resource for non-potable waters, a part of urban landscape design...
Brussels: mobility (red) and cultural infrastructures (blue)

Cultural Infrastructures and Mobility in Brussels Metropolitan Area

  • Yannick Vanhaelen
  • Judith le Maire
The advent of concepts such as the « attractive city » and the « creative city » in urban policies has seen cultural infrastructures becoming strategic elements of urban redevelopment and city...

When Housing Faces Property

Space, Life and Survival of Belgian Counter-Cultural Experiments Since 1958

  • Philippe De Clerck
  • Judith le Maire
In the face of socio-economical, ecological and political challenges faced by our cities and societies, militant movements and thinkers alike point to the commons as a both a critical and operational...