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Space Speculation is a research-oriented architecture and urbanism studio.

Belgian territory is characterized by an urbanscape shaped by the development of the horizontal city. Since 2010, based on this reflection, the Louise’s Space Speculation studio (SP) investigates the shape and evolution of this type of urbanity. By investigating the territory’s evolution in time, the cause for the development of the horizontal city has its roots in the hierarchical and decentralized administrative system. The urban policy was always orientated towards the stimulation of private initiatives, and in the construction of an expanded infrastructure network.


The architect found in the middle of this urban development has, in the present, little role to play. Working at the small scale, the architect’s influence can hardly be perceived at the level of urban planning or urban design.


With all these in mind, SP studio orientates its research towards the process of restructuring and consolidation of horizontal city’s scape by speculating present available land for construction.


Projects Overview.


 2012 - 2013 External Costs


 2011 - 2012 Hydronet_Bruxelles


                     Urban planning_Railways


 2010 - 2011 Metronet_Bruxelles

Brussels' kitchen garden

(Neerpede Valley)

Humid areas Project proposal Proposed interventions Pictures Review