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Catalina Codruta Dobre is an architect and currently a doctoral researcher with the Laboratory on Urbanism, Infrastructure and Ecologies (LoUIsE) and HABITER of the Architecture Faculty of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). She graduated from the same faculty in July 2012. Based on her experience in research and urban design in cities from Europe and Asia (Bucharest, Astana, Ishinomaki, and Rochefort), she started a research project in January 2013, on the topic of water management. Her thesis investigates the role of new concepts such as ‘Water sensitivity’ in the process of urban regeneration.  She is a founding member of RAW. In line with these topics and interests, Catalina has organized student design workshops (Water Vs. Urban Scape, Brussels July 2013; How to live with the marine submersion hazard Rochefort Fr., September 2013), as well as conferences in collaboration with the LoUIsE research centre and RAW association. A first part of her research has been published by the EDORA Architecture Researchers Association in the e-journal ArchiDoct issue June 2013.

Urban storm water management – catalyst to moving towards a Water Sensitive City

  • Catalina Codruta Dobre
  • Luisa Moretto
From a water sensitive perspective, storm water establishes a link between water and urbanity. Storm water is seen as an alternative resource for non-potable waters, a part of urban landscape design...